Eesti Muusika Nädal




20.11   19.00

Heino Eller Music School Tubin Hall

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Sten Heinoja, Kaija Lukas, Johan Randvere, Heigo Rosin, Maksim Štšura, Aule Urb, Indrek Vau, Eesti Akadeemiline Vaskpillikvintett.

Eduard Oja Author Concert

21.11   19.00

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Grnad Hall

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Sten Heinoja, Age Juurikas, Kaija Lukas, Martti Raide, Mati Turi, Theodor Sink, keelpillikvartett FourEst

Mati Kuulbergi Author Concert

22.11   19.00

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Grnad Hall

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Hans Christian Aavik, Arvo Leibur, Marko Martin, Kirill Ogorodnikov, Madis Vilgats, Eesti Akadeemiline Vaskpillikvintett

Rein Rannapi koolikontsert “Pörgu tants”

23.11   12.00

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Grand Hall



Esinejad: Rein Rannap, Johan Randvere, Heigo Rosin, Indrek Vau

Rudolf Tobiase Author Concert

24.11   19.00

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Grnad Hall

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Linda-Anette Verte, Heili Rosin-Leivategija, Maksim Štšura, Aule Urb, Eesti Puhkpillikvintett, Keelpillikvartett Prezioso

Rein Rannap Author Concert

25.11   19.00

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre The Grand Hall

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Siluan Hirvoja, Kristi Kapten, Katariina Maria Kits, Johan Randvere, Rein Rannap, Heigo Rosin, Karl Tipp, Indrek Vau, keelpillikvartett M4gnet, Iris Oja

About the festival

The festival Eesti Muusika Nädal shines a spotlight on Estonian chamber music performed by esteemed Estonian musicians. This special occasion invites you on a journey through the world of Estonian composers and their music, reflecting the various stages and paths of creative development. The musical evenings, which focus on one composer and are held for the second time in 2022, will concentrate on the works of Eduard Tubin, Kuldar Sink, Lepo Sumera, and Tõnu Kõrvits. Among the established favorites, you’ll find many lesser-known or altogether neglected compositions.



The festival program has been meticulously curated by the board of the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians (Eesti Interpreetide Liit) – Arvo Leibur, Henry-David Varema, Indrek Vau, Mihkel Poll, and Peep Lassmann. Each musician has been selected with the specific musical work in mind, aiming to reveal the particular features of the composer’s work or creative period in their interpretation. In total, 38 musicians, representing a diverse multitude of instruments, will grace the festival with their performances.



Eesti Muusika Nädal has evolved from the Northern Lights festival, held by the Association of Professional Musicians in 2018. The Northern Lights festival focused on Estonian piano compositions written over a century. The first Eesti Muusika Nädal took place in December 2021, offering a diverse overview of the chamber music of Artur Lemba, Ester Mägi, Eino Tamberg, and Erkki-Sven Tüür.



The festival is organized in cooperation with the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. It is kindly supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, and the Tallinn Board of Culture and Sports.


0 € – 15 €

Students and retirees free of charge. A free admission pass from Piletikeskus is required for entry. Please bring a document to prove the discount."


50 €

The pass is valid for all author evenings in Tallinn from November 21st to 25th. Concerts have assigned seats.